Palace Herbal Spa  
family operated alternative health care clinics
by Jone Guo & May Wang. State Certification 11896 

Therapy & Art by Jone

Dear friends, welcome to our spas to see these paintings by me. Thanks!  Jone

Introduction to Jone:

Born in Harbin, China, in 1962. His parents are doctors and taught him Chinese medicine when he was about 6 years old. They wished him to become a doctor, but instead, he was inspired by the beauty of Chinese medicine herbs, and he fell in love with Chinese painting. Later, he became an artist and poet.  

He went to college to study English in 1980, and in 1989, he got his Master Degree for English and American literature. He was a student activist in Tiananmen Square in 1989, and in 1991, he was exiled to the United States and lived like a hermit for many years. About 5 years ago, he once again realized his family values and decided to go for a chain operation of authentic Chinese medicine massage clinics in San Diego.

And Palace Herbal Spa was born.

Jone is also a designer for over a thousand garden and home decor items for his import company. A store selling these unique items will open for business in Grossmont Shopping Mall this March. Items include: rust metal garden stakes, wind chimes, art glass, country farm animals, cast iron bird baths, etc.
Name of this store is: CASTING WATER  garden & decor. Opening date: March 1, 2010
As a huge thanks to his clients, the store will have a huge store wide sale in March. Welcome to see the items! Expect the unexpected.

Jone also offers advanced alternative health care therapy. See page:

Jone is a renowned artist and poet in China, and has his works published worldwide. His major translations include Anne Sexton, Joseph Brodsky. 


                     Chinese Medicine Seed Treatment 

Chinese Medicine Seed Treatment is a holistic health care treatment without needles or pills. And it is a part of Tui-na massage. 

"The Emperor Treads Without Traces." That is how I translate the name of this special Chinese herb.
Its seed, about twice the size of an opium seed, is one  powerful  herbal medicine that can go into all your 12 meridians, treating many ailments and chronic diseases.
Like an emperor, who can go anywhere of its territory without any obstacles. 

The seeds are hand-selected by Chinese medicine doctors and are applied to 1/8 inch square patches. The practitioner will apply these patches to a prescription of acupuncture points to activate your meridians, and to achieve the healing effect of acupunture without needles. The client is to massage it for 2-3 minutes every other hr. It is simple, and its DIY.  A typical treatment cycle is 10 times, 3 days for one treatment. 

The Seed Treatment dates back to the very ancient times in China, about 5,000 years ago when the Yellow Emperor created Chinese Medicine. Now it is widely used in clinics in China to treat clients. 

I feel so grateful to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and to my Dad as well, who is an eminent doctor in China. He has provided my clinics with all the necessary supplies to offer Seed Treatment to my clients in San Diego. 

1. Body Seed Work.
Seeds can be applied to your head, arms, legs, feet, hands. A combination of acupuncture points will be selected for seeds application for your special treatment.

2. Ear Seed Work.
This is a holistic treatment that has been approved very effective for treating many health problems. The ear, although it is small, it represents your whole body--it is a complete human map for your your major organs and bones. It looks like a baby inside the womb, the bottom is the head, and the center has all the organs.  The practitioner will apply seed to certain zones to treat problems like sciatic pain, diabetes, hypertension, kidney deficiency, trouble-sleeping, etc. 


         Ear Treatment Chart, Palace Herbal Spa, Copyrighted 2011


Ink on Rice Paper: Plum Blossom, Sweetness comes from bitter cold.   2009
Spa in Escondido.

Ink on Rice Paper. Orchid blossom: Fragrance overflows sky & earth. 2009
Spa in Escondido

Ink on Rice papaer. The eighth path lies ahead of seventh.  2009

Oil on Canvas, "Reiki"  2009, La Mesa Spa

Ink on Daolin paper. "The eighth path lies ahead of seventh." 2009   Escondido Spa 

Japanese ink on rice paper.  "Zen In the Garden"  2009

Ink, Acrylic, pencil on paper.  "One Flower, One Paradise"

Dream Brush Brings Blossom   2010      in Escondido Spa

Magic Hands, 2010     In Escondido Spa  

Zen of Bamboo,   2010     in Escondid Spa

Energy of Tao, 2010        spa Escondido

zen garden   Escondido spa 

heaven of one thousand li.  Escondido spa  



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