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Foot Massage Is NOT Foot Reflexology


“Massage”, as defined by most cities, is any type of touch of one person to another person, like stroking, cupping, rubbing, etc. And in many people’s mind, massage is just “touching” as well.


Yes. Foot reflexology is massage. But foot massage may not all be reflexology.


For just ordinary massage, I should say that anybody can do it. Even your 4 year old kid can “massage” your feet. Any person can massage his or her partner. But this is not what reflexology is about.


Reflexology is a branch of Chinese Medicine, which is based on the sophisticated theory of acupuncture points, reflex zones, and meridian channels. Reflexology, practiced by qualified Chinese Medicine therapists, can bring great benefits to your health.


In Chinese Medicine, each part of the human body can represent the whole of the body.  On your feet, one can find the zones that relate to all your organs. The feet serve simply as a human map: the toes represent your head, brain, and neck, and it goes down to your lungs, liver, kidney, heart, stomach, your intestine, and your heels represent the sex organs and the sciatic nerves. The meridian channels, which run through your body, all start or end here, at your feet.


A Chinese reflexology master knows how to manage the whole therapeutic process. He will know where exactly to start, and where to end, and which direction the massage should go when it comes to each organ management. Wrong directions or wrong massage method can cause discomfort or even damages. Crystal breaking is also an important part in reflexology. The master will also know how to dig into the tissue to find the crystals in order to break it. Crystals are like tiny rolling beads formed inside the tissue, and they are symptoms of ailments of the related organ. For example, a crystal on the neck zone( on the outside of the  big toe) means your have some outstanding neck problem.


A top reflexologist can also tell about problems from the color of each zone on your feet.  When toxins build up, and the channels are blocked, a certain zone will look “grey”. If you lose a certain organ, the related zone on your feet will sink in.


And here is some simple info on how reflexology can bring benefit to your health:

1)      high blood pressure(hyper-tension): massaging the “gushing spring” point can bring down the blood pressure. It is located inside the kidney zone, near the plexus.

2)      Massaging your toes can bring benefit to your brain for a better memory. Chinese medicine sees kidney as the passage to the brain. And your toes are where the kidney channel starts.

3)      Trouble-sleeping: massage the center of the heel, above the sex glands zone.

      4)    Plantar Fascia: the heel pain you suffer, according to Chinese Medicine, is  
             caused by kidney deficiency. Massaging the bottom of the feet and the heel 
             can ease the pain and help heal the problem. 

I have made a detailed reflexology chart. If you want to see all the reflex zones, we have some copies in our spa. When you come next time, please request to see it. If you do have questions, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.


Introduction to Palace Herbal Spa Foot Reflexology Menu:


20 min / $29   Full Therapeutic.

This is a basic service which will give you both relaxation and therapy. Each foot will receive 10 minutes massage to cover the basic points.


30 min / $38   Double Therapeutic.

This is the most frequently used service in our spa. It has a higher therapeutic result and a longer time to enjoy our spa. Each foot has 15 minutes massage.


60 min / $62   Triple Therapeutic / Plantar Fascia

One hour’s time will allow the therapist to cover all acupressure points

and meridian channels on your feet with enough time to achieve the best healing result. Each feet will receive 30 minutes massage. This 1-hour concentration on your foot is highly recommended for people suffering from plantar fascia issues. Or, it can help you to stay away from it. 


Note: the minutes quoted above will all be concentrated on the feet. And herb soaking time has no charge.


To enhance the healing result, we will give 10 min chair massage for free, for your neck, shoulders, and back.


Jone Guo, Alternative Health Care

Palace Herbal Spa  March 21, 2010.


"Foot is the second heart of the human body"--Chinese medical theory.
"A 60-minutes foot reflexology equals a 10-mile hike" --US doctor




                             Foot Reflexology Chart

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