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Neck/back Chair Massage

Why Our Neck & Back Chair Massage Is so Popular?

The acupuncture points along the two sides of the spine were first discovered by Hua Tuo, about 2,000 years ago, in China.

These acupuncture points directly point to all the organs inside your body, like the lungs, heart, liver, stomach, spleen, kidney, etc.

They start from the bottom of the skull, going all the way down to the end of the vertebrae.  By pressing them, all kinds of stress and ailment can be driven away, such as: headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, disc problems, muscle ache, stomach problems, lung problems, hypertension, intestine problems, etc.

And the best of all, a neck and back massage can unlock the channels and help with a better circulation, so it can prevent the hardening of blood vessels.

For a 10 minutes chair massage, it is only $16. So if you have just a neck or shoulder pain, there is no need for you to spend about $59 for an hour table massage. The chair can save you both time and money.  Our record shows that a large group of clients love to have a 20 minutes chair massage customized to suite their needs of pain management of their back, shoulder, and neck.

Our therapists are highly trained Chinese Medicine health care professionals. Come to experience a wonderful chair massage. A $16 massage let you feel like a million. 

Neck & Back Meridian Massage, Escondido Spa

We only use the most professional chair for chair massage, designed and manufactured by earthlite. Come to Palace Herbal Spa to feel the paradise. 

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