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Euro Foot Ionic Full Body Detox Spa

This is a very effective and convenient way to detox your whole body from your foot detox spa, which was invented by British doctors.

        Summer Special! One 30-min session is only $39 (reg. $59)

Why Detox?
Every single day, every person's health will be affected by the in-takes of environmental substances such as: tobacco smoke, food additives, air polution, unhealthy elements from processed food, alcohol, etc. Stress, and lack of exercise can also help create toxins in your body. Although the body does its best to detoxify itsself, it can never eliminate all the toxins. What comes in does not necessarily come out. And day by day, the toxins will build up and cause a person to feel tired, to have headache, to catch cold often, and even get sick. You may also experience sinus pain, dry skin, and bad breath.

How To Detox?
Now we have good news from doctors of England, who have invented this special detox device with its special formula that can take the toxins out from your body, through the soles of your feet, right in front of your eyes. Based on the Chinese foot reflexology and meridian theory, this foot spa can create a bio-magnetic flow that can connect your whole body to the spa through over 4,000 pores and 6 major meridian channels on the bottom of your feet. The spa is able to rebalance your cells throughout your body, your organs, muscles, joints, even your blood vessels. This rebalancing process helps you to dispose of toxins and impurities, simutanously, it will also revitalize the nutrients in your body. The result is a renewed physical and mental state.
The Euro-Detox Spa can help prevent possible ailments or sickness, it can help beautify your skin and is especially good for people who have trouble-sleeping.

How to use?
Please allow our spa host to prepare the tub for you, just sit back, relax, keep your talking at minimal, and watch the wonder happening right around your feet, as shown below:

start               5 minutes          10 minutes        15 minutes             20 minutes              30 minutes

What can you see in the tub after 30 minutes of service?
For a large number of clients, a sharp result will show in the tub formula after 30 minutes. Please refer to the chart below to match the color in the chart to the water in your tub:

What's Next:

if your test result shows up as illustrated above, we recommend: 1) A 7-time session of detoxification for you, with two times each week.
2) A follow-up of 30-minutes body massage, or a 30-minutes foot reflexology is highly recommended to help you to speed up the disposal of toxins from your body.

By Jone Guo, May Wang, HHPs
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