Palace Herbal Spa  
family operated alternative health care clinics
by Jone Guo & May Wang. State Certification 11896 

LA MESA  SPA & Clinic
Welcome to Palace Herbal Spa! You don't have to travel "a thousand Li" to experience the orient. We are right here in town. Go in the Palace to transport you into an exotic world of Japanese decor and zen atmosphere, and get services from our authentic Chinese Medicinal massage therapists. 


May Wang





10:00-8:00 SUN

Palace Herbal Spa, in Grossmont Center, La Mesa, California
Address: 5500 Grossmont Center Drive, La Mesa, CA 91942   Next to Pier One Imports, facing Casting Water.


No Membership. No Contracts. Freedom is at your Palace. 

No appointment necessary!

Online Vouchers pls call for appointment. 

                                  TOP NEEDED SERVICE THIS YEAR: 
According to Chinese Medicine, heel pain is caused by kidney deficiency. 1 hour concentration on your feet can help you heal the pain and stay away from such problems. $62.

                      Body Therapy:
                 Palace Acupressure Table Massage
                             $57 / hour     

prices subject to change without notice, call for update.
Neck & Back Chair Massage: 
10 minutes: $16    15 minutes: $19    20 minutes: $24


HOT!    Royal Herbal Foot Reflexology Spa

20 minutes: $29    full therapeutic       (major energy channels open)
30 minutes: $38    double therapeutic (most of channels open)
60 minutes: $62   triple therapeutic (most channels open & reinforced)
all minutes quoted are devoted to foot reflexology to achieve the ultimate effect of therapy. 

This service was created by Jone and May in 2008. It is inspired by the foot spa that was used by the emperors of China about 5,000 years ago.

We got this foot soak formula that was once a secret to the public to form the best possible blend of herbs that grow on the snow mountains of Tibet. These herbs will help with circulation, fight arthritis, and enhance sex properties.

Ingredients for Tibetan foot soak:                                             

Rhizoma Rhdiola, Folium Artemisae Argyi, Herba Lamiophomis Rotate Kudo, Resina Commiphora Myrrha, Flos Crocus Sativa L., Rhizoma Acori Tatarinowii, Herba Artesisiae, and Saussureae Involuncrates, etc. 

We will soak your feet in the traditional cypress tub, and begin our foot reflexology session on you.

We have trained our therapists to strickly follow the rules and methods that a royal foot spa should offer. This advanced reflexology includes: meridian management, crystal breaking, and tissue therapy. 

Our authentic foot reflexology has earned us great popularity in the county of San Diego in the past three years. 

And as a special thanks to our patrons, 
We have added 10 minutes chair massage, for free.  This offer is valid for all foot reflex spas. 


Deluxe Japanese Aroma Foot Reflex Spa    
Ingredients direct from Japan
30 minutes for $46
with 10 minutes free chair massage

Foot soak with luxury ingredients from Japan, which has been used for centuries for healing and prolonging life, with half hour's time devoted to advanced foot reflexology.

1) Fuji Sakura Reflex Spa    
Sakura is always associated with healing power from God. It represents
good feelings, zen meditation, love & affection. 
2) Hot Spring Lemon Reflex Spa   
Lemon has long been used in natural hot springs in Japan for energizing
the body and uplifting the spirit. 
3) Aloe Reflex Spa    
One drop of aloe heals a hundred ailments. Famous for its healing properties, aloe is widely used in today's aroma therapy, illness treatment. Aloe is great for skin treatment as well. 
4) Kyoto Jasmine Reflex Spa   
Jasmine is always used in the emperial palace for body soak and foot spa. Jasmine repels exhaustion, brings tranquility and good fortune. 
5) Rose Reflex Spa       
Rose is used for treatment of depression, frigidity, stress, menopause, etc. It also relieves tension from the lower back muscles.


Signature Combo Massage: 30 min Foot & 30 min Table:   $64


5 Meridian Head Reflexology Massage:  $28 / 20 min.



                                                 Cervical Treatment


                                                     Head Reflexology



   We have added our spa music here, you can enjoy at home. Title is "Stone Garden", very therapeutic. 

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