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by Jone Guo & May Wang. State Certification 11896 

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for authentic foot reflexology, table/body massage, and Chinese Medicine Therapy in San Diego/La Mesa. Alternative health care provides high standard natural therapy. 

We are back to business! Grand reopening on 5/29/2020. Come enjoy your massage that you have missed for so long.

Please follow these rules when visiting our spa: If you cough or have a fever, please do not come. When visiting, wear face mask or face cover. Before leaving our spa, use the hand sanitizer provided .
Thank you!

Meanwhile, we do need donations to help us to pay the rent and other expenses to keep our spa exist. We will really appreciate if you help. 

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Our gift shop has come to town! See it inside Palace Herbal Spa in La Mesa!

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     Celebrating the Year of Rat with Palace Herbal Spa
                                     2020 is the rat year
Rat symbolizes wisdom and swiftness. Have a great year!


When twigs, stones, and dirt fall into a stream, its flow will be blocked. The upstream may flood, the downstream will suffer drought... When it becomes worse, the plants and grass will either be drowned or die of thirst.
This is your body, according Chinese Medicine, which has rivers, fields, lakes, mountains, roads. There are 12 meridian channels inside your body with over 365 acupuncture points on them--they are much like those rivers and streams. When a certain point is blocked, you feel discomfort or pain. You are sick...

Massage is a branch of Chinese Medicine, which can unblock those spots along your meridians, and bring back the life force to you, then you are healed.

Palace Herbal Spa is an alternative health clinic providing authentic Chinese Medicine Massage created by May Wang  & Jone Guo, including: Full Body Table Massage, Neck and Back Chair Massage, Foot Reflexology, Foot Detox Spa, etc. Come to the Palace and everyone will be treated like royalty. Experience the wonder of Chinese Medicine.

"  No membership required, No contracts, Walk-ins welcome."

    Thank you for your patronage! This year we are able to donate $250,000 in goods to local charities to help the people in San Diego.   2015

         a token of thanks from local charity



                                   Testimonial of the Week
For me, this place is a God-send...I can't say enough good things about this little shop. They have given me back my life.    ---Katherine N., San Diego 




Our spa in La Mesa, on Chinese New Year & Valentine 2010. Customer is to take one gold orange for good luck. This is a day spa and holistic health care center.


The reflexology center, in La Mesa spa.


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Welcome to Palace Herbal Spa for authentic zen style spa and  massage services in Escondido, San Diego County. Escape into a world of total comfort, relaxation, and rejuvenation in a tranquil Japanese atmosphere. Treat yourself to a luxurious deserve it! Our full service spa  will make your stress fade away into a distant memory. Our friendly senior therapists will pamper you, renewing your mind, body, and soul.

Whether you like a quick escape for a relaxation, or an ultimate massage rejuvenation, here is the right place for you: come to experience our world famous Japanese herbal foot reflexology spa, the facial reflexology, the "neck & back" chair massage, or the therapeutic table massage. You have found a hidden treasure of great services plus the best values in San Diego County! 

Ask about Free Massage with your purchase of service.
Palace Herbal Spa Gift Certificates make excellent gifts. 

There is no appointment necessary, walk-ins always welcome!
Senior therapists: Wendy, Tina, Lucy, Candy, Amy, May, Jone, Keiko, Rose, Linda, Tom, James, Jenny, Kattie, Angela, David, Lillie, Shirley, Wenwen, Valentina, Susan, Ruby, Patrick, Scott, Annie, Li, Mary, Jerry, Woo. 

Call to make sure your technician is in the spa.


May,  Owner, Holistic Health Practitioner, State Certified Therapist
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"When in the company of others, I shall always consider myself as the lowest of all, and from the depth of my heart, hold them dear and supreme."

                                                 ---- Dalai Lama

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Licensed Alternative Health Care Clinics

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"Empty Zen"
Japanese ink on water color paper.


Beyond your conception yet within zen

Watching the landscape your heart sees through

Thus emptiness contains both heaven & earth

--Jone Guo 2010


         How to Get a Massage: Avoid the  Wrong, Get the Right

                              A "MUST-READ"
Dear Patron, whether you are having a massage at home, or in a spa, please bear the following in mind to avoid issues or problems that may affect your health:

1. Please avoid light Swedish massage in winter. According to Chinese Medicine, the kidney meridian rules your health through coordination with bones in winter, and massage should be deep and firm. A light touch massage can leak your kidney energy and cause sickness for the next spring. 
In springtime, a so called Swedish circulatory massage can often jam your energy when the "therapist" massages towards the heart. Because at this season, the liver rules your body. Liver system likes spreading as a tree, and massage should be going "away from the heart". 

2. Do not have massage right after you have a full meal. If you take pills, please wait for at least 3 hours before receiving Chinese massage. Meridian channels in your body see the pills as toxins and a Chinese massage will flush toxins out from your body.

 Chinese medicine also prohibits two "therapists" massaging one patron at the same time. The so called "four-hands" from two different people can never coordinate well enough, and the flow of life force will be driven to wrong directions, and this will result in extreme discomfort or even sickness. 

 4. Do not use red or other bright colors to decorate the walls of your massage room. It will alert your sympathetic nerves, raise your blood pressure and it will do harm to your body when receiving massage. Please avoid using red sofas, red sheets or red dress as well. Avoid "red spas".

Red color is also against the spirit of "zen", which means inner meditation and tranquility. In Chinese Fengshui theory, red color means blood and shall not be used in a zen style spa or massage rooms. It is also against western Christian tradition to use red color in day spas or massage establishements.

5. Please do not place any serious religious figures in the spa. Do not use symbols like dragons or warriors in the spa either. Such figures or symbols exert too much energy and it will interrupt the "chi" of tranquility in the spa room. Dragons are for health & good luck in China, they are often used in restaurants or night clubs, but it should not appear in a massage spa. Also, dragon is fire, and spa is water. They are hostile elements to each other. 

6. Avoid disturbing TV shows or any other disturbing talking or noise. Keep yourself in a "think-of-nothing state. If you do  want to watch something, I recommend those DVDs made for spas. Those natural sound like birds, flowing water, or rain combined with the beauty of gardens or landscape do bring you relaxation.  

7. For foot spas, always use a liner to prevent spread of foot disease. If the spa forgets to use the liner, please remind them at once.

8. When receiving massage, keep your talk at minimum, and when the therapist positions your legs or arms, do not give help.

9. It is not recommended to receive more than 2 hours of massage in a single day. People with serious organ problems or nerve problems should not have massage. Consult your physician.

10. Drink plenty of water after massage to help drain the lactic acid and other toxins from your body.

11. After massage, please avoid long drive, or any other strenuous work.

Thanks for reading. 

MAY & JONE, Chinese Holistic Health Care Specialist.  




We have added our spa music here, you can enjoy at home. The title is "Stone   Garden". My blog is live now, you can write to me any time!


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